Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Design Group~NStyle~ is in the Spotlight!

We got the scoop from the leader, Cathy, on this fantastic eBay Group. Enjoy!

Are you an exclusive group, specialty group or non-exclusive?
NStyle Child is an exclusive group but we allow our members the opportunity to also belong to specialty groups such as accessory design groups.

How many designers do you currently have and who are your designers?
We have 10 members in our group but we are currently looking to add to our little family!
Our members are...


How long has your group been active?
We are celebrating our first birthday Aug.18th!

Do you girls take any time off for summer or holiday's?
We don't take any time off as a group...but of course each person takes personal time for vacations and such! Family time is very important to us!

Does your group name mean anything?
Our actually name is NStyle Children Boutique Designers but we shortened it to NStyle Child....is your child NStyle?

How often do you launch together?
We have monthly launches!

Tell us anything else about your group that you would like to share about the group, upcoming launches, special talents, etc.
We have our Halloween Guest Launch board open right now getting ready for our Aug.18th-Sept.1st Launch if anyone is interesting in joining just let one of our members know and we will be glad to send you an invite!

NStyle Child is currently accepting applications for new designers! Email us at nstylechild@yahoo.com for an application!

Do you have a current or upcoming launch you'd like to advertise?????
Yes! NStyle Child is having their first year birthday soon and we are celebrating with a Halloween Guest Launch!! The launch will begin on Aug. 18th and run through Sept.1st! We have over 170 members , and more joining everyday,in this Guest Launch so its going to be a biggie! So make sure you are ready to be there for our SPOOKTACULAR LAUNCH!!

Just curious, do you all vote on your launch ideas and do all the designers pitch in for the ideas?
Yes we try to keep three launches planned ahead at a time. We toss ideas around and come up with several then we vote on them and get the next three launch ideas.. Then we ask for ideas for the launch titles themselves. We then vote on the titles and that is how we at NStyle get our Launch themes! That is one thing we are pretty adamant about is how important we think each person input is in our group!

Is there any other dirt/gossip(LOL) you'd like to tell us?
Of Course Not lol We are a drama-free group!! lol

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